The Best!
Love them! Or Hate them!
Over the past few years ive had many people ask me to make a list of what i consider to be some of the best...
These are some of the finest fragrances available!
In my opinion and experience of loving fragrance for over 30 years!
Some are simple, some are complicated ,some are very sophisticated, some are good for everyday!
Some are expensive and some are very affordable....
I dont believe in the "latest" or "celebrity" since this is never a guarantee that a fragrance is worth wearing!
without question,
the undisputed top of the
fragrance chain is
mens chanel "egoiste"
and chanel  "No 5"
Undoubtedly  2 of the best
"everyday" fragrances  ever made
"quasar"  and  "curve" for men
I fell in love with Egoiste a long time ago!
sometimes deemed "too sophisticated" for the
american market. A little of this one goes a long
way. By far the crown jewel of colognes. For
secure and confident men. Very intense and
changes notes constantly. Truly the "finest"
pour monsieur, another "jewel in the crown
that is the house of chanel!"
Jean Paul gaultier! what can I say?
3 of the most sensuous fragrances ever created!
"Le Male" and "Fleur Du Male" for men
and "classique" for women
a "celebrity" name never guarantees
"taste" and most I dont like! but as an
exception "SJP" made some very good
choices to create this wonderful
smelling winner!
the "queen of celebrity fragrance"
Elizabeth Taylor's "White Diamonds"
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